Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sev's First Shiner

So Sev got his first black eye!
It looks unbelieveably painful!
He fell off the kitchen chair. I feel awful!
I have a feeling he's going to be one of those kids that always has a broken arm, black eye, or scabs somewhere!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia turned 3 this past Sunday!

We asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner and she said..."corn, ohlives, (that's how she pronounces olives) and maconi & cheese". That is what she got.

She had been asking for months for a "flower cake". I did my best. When it was finished I showed it to her and she said " I want a little mermaid cake". I had to bite my tounge after my efforts with the flower cake.

My mom & dad took her shopping to pick out her own outfit, while she was out, we strung christmas lights in the kitchen (lights are her favorite thing) then filled the house with pink & red balloons, turned off the lights and hid until she came in. When she arrived we all yelled SURPRISE! It freaked her out, but once she saw everyone there she was really excited.

Kel the fish is a hit! She named it Dorothy, just like Elmo's fish.

Thank you everyone for all of Liv's presents & for celebrating with us. She loved everything!

It seemed as though a good time was had by all.


Monday, January 21, 2008

craigs new perspective 1.1

so i totally endorse getting massages, though it was quite disturbing at first, the weirdness factor soon dissipated as time went on, i just had to keep thinking that this dude does this kind of thing all the time and he's not weirded out so i shouldn't be either. it was funny though, he kept talking in hushed tones that could be mistaken for sensual, there at ten thousand waves they really work hard to have a peaceful environment and i guess that was what the dude was up to. sarah and i had a blast, if we were rich or just liked to blow our cash we'd do it monthly.
i enjoy my job alot, it can be stressful at times, like when kids get sick and there are bad accidents but usually my day consists of babying a bunch of wusses that believe their flu is life threatening, or the drunks that require medical attention after downing two bottles of cheap walgreens brand listerine. some of you might think i'm being a little harsh, but its the real deal, a large percentage of our calls are bogus, people use 911 for some ridiculous reasons, some, that if i told you, you wouldn't even believe. sometimes i wonder what people would do without emergency services, would they just sit and wait for assistance or seek help on their own volition. if for nothing else i love meeting interesting people and hearing their interesting stories.
our kids are awesome, sev does all he can to make olivia cry and she still loves him back. they share an interesting dynamic, he looks up to her so much and mimics all she does and she's really protective of him when others try to boss him around and yet they're usually fighting and competing for our love. its quite fun.
so i grew a handle bar mustache recently just for kicks, and it was pretty rad. theres nothing like a hulk hogan look to make your wife think, "man, what kind of idiot did i marry?" i'll try to get a picture posted so everybody can enjoy a hearty laugh or quiet smirk. sarah was pretty adverse to the idea but the pure masculinity that i exuded from my upper lip and mouth shortly won her over; i was able to keep it about a week and a half before she started giving me ultimatums. anyway, keep up the good work dudes and don't forget to write, peace out.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sev's birthday wishes to mommy

After our trip to the spa we went to my sister's to pick up the kids. We had ice cream cake and the kids sang to me. We caught Sev on video saying happy birthday. I know that I look funny eating the cake, the ice cream was really cold on my teeth. Hopefully you will just be listening to Sevrin. It's so cute!

My Birthday Treat From Craig

I feel spoiled rotten this year!

On my actual birthday Craig surprised me and took me to an amazing spa in Santa Fe, NM. It's called Ten Thousand Waves. We dropped the kids off at my sister Kellie's house (thank you Kel) and headed up to the spa for the afternoon.

This was our first time getting a massage.

Two men massaged both Craig and I. He was a little weirded out. He said it made him feel awkward when the masseuse whispered softly in his ear "How is the pressure?".

Once our hour long massage was over we were directed to our private sauna where we soaked for about 45 minutes. Each private sauna is tucked away in the mountains. The mountain was covered in snow. When you stepped out of the hot tub your footprints would turn to ice. Though it was freezing, the cold felt good once you stepped out of the hot tub.

I think Ten Thousand Waves has made both Craig & I lifer's. We hope to be able to return for another visit.

Check out the website! http://www.tenthousandwaves.com/

Sarah Turns 30!!!!

Can you believe it? I am officially in my thirties!

I don't feel any different. It's just strange to say I am 30.

My sisters & mom celebrated with me by going to Houston for a girls weekend, the week before my birthday. (My oldest sister Stacey lives in Houston) Much to my surprise, the night we arrived Jeni surprised me by flying in to spend the weekend with us. I bawled my eyes out. I was incredibly surprised. I have to say.... no kids, shopping until we literally dropped, watching a movie everyday, being able to let loose & be silly, laughing, laughing, & more laughing... this trip was one of the funnest I have had. Thanks girls for making my 30th memorable. Everytime I think of it I will laugh.

I love ya

We were in Galveston and this guy had a pet deer??!!!

Really weird.

It's a newfound tradition! In September, Jeni & I were at the New Mexico state fair & she had to try a deep fried twinkie. Yuck! In Galveston she saw a chocolate covered twinkie and had to try it. All of us told her not many are a fan of twinkies, She said " Everything is good dipped in chocolate, and it's tradition". It wasn't very good, but the chocolate helped :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Olivia? Are you alive?

I peeked my head in the kids room today to check on them while they were sleeping. I looked on Olivia's bed and no Olivia. I looked around the room and could not find her. I glanced over into the closet and saw only her legs. My first thought was, "oh my gosh, is she dead?" So I bent down and felt her stomach and sure enough she fell asleep while looking for clothes to try on in her closet. Wierd right?

There is snow in NM!

We found a neat place to sled up in the Sandia Mountains this past weekend. It was freezing! The wind was blowing and the kids were so cold! Olivia was a trooper. She was scared to try it, but once she went down the hill, she wanted to do it until her hands were frozen and then she had to take a break. Sev was not as willing. Craig would send him down the hill solo, and he cried the whole way down. Although we froze our butts off we had a good time!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

craig's perspective

hey friends, i just realized that all my awesome super friends have blogs...but they are all managed by their better halves...and i wasn't learning any cool new info about some of you. i'm guilty of the same i guess, i'm a bit slow when it comes to computers and i don't have much time to commit to this sort of thing, but i figured if i did a little update every now and then maybe some of you would follow suit and give a shout out every so often, or just a little tidbit of whats going on in your lives. so here it goes.
p.s. i don't capitalize cause this isn't being graded or looked at by attorneys.
so we've been here in abq (albuquerque for future reference) since may and i miss my bros alot. i haven't made any new friends and occasionally hang out with my bro in law, he's cool. needless to say i don't do much but play with the kids and try to make sarah smile on my days off.
sev and liv are pretty awesome they're so __________ (place verb there). i love'em tons and they're really ______. you can tell by our pictures of them that they have alot of character.
sarah is super. she still loves me alot even with all my quirks, foibles and music choices. we have a blast when we're together.
i like my job, except for all the gross people. i love my latex free gloves. i'll say more about that later.
anyway give a little shout out on your family blogs once in awhile-peace out.