Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love, Love, Love


1. LOVE Craig's gift to me for Valentines Day...he left these all over the house so that I would I find them. xoxo

2. I LOVE Pinterest for making me look crafty! We made these Valentines for the kids' classes.

3. I LOVE it that I can drive down to LA anytime to see my sis Kellie. We were able to escape for the weekend and visit with her family. It's never a dull moment with my Kell Bell.

4. This picture is sort of hard to see but I absolutely LOVE it when my kids get along. We were on a walk one evening and I had to get a picture of this. They were off in their own world, chatting and laughing, holding hands on the way home. Sigh... :)

5. BOTH of my sister's kids were born on the SAME DAY 1 year ago, February 9, 2011!!!
Ella & Dexter turned the big ONE this month!
I won't stop trying to make Dexter love me as much as he loves Craig! :)
AND little Ella, cannot get enough of that girl! She is so sassy!

6. LOVE it that my sister has a tiny hummingbird nest in her backyard! She found it on a string of lights on her patio!

7. LOVE that my parents came out to visit
While my parents were visiting we checked out the USS Hornet in Alameda, walked around a beautiful reserve near my house, paid a visit to In N Out (there are none in NM), and my dad entertained Sev for hours making him everything you could think of out of paper.

8. LOVE the funny things Sev says
Sev's quote: We were driving in the car and we were listening to "Craig's music" and Sev said "Dad this song stinks. I think it's farting out of the speakers".

9. I LOVE it that Olivia is a Girl Scout! She had the opportunity to sell girl scout cookies with her troop this month. Aren't these the cutest girls you have ever seen???

10.LOVE Liv's sense of humor. She not only draws fantastically but she's funny too :)
Liv's quote: "Mom when you wake up in the morning it looks like a tornado happened in your hair"