Sunday, January 8, 2012


Happy New Year!

We rang in 2012 with my family. It's always a good time with the fam.
Craig had to work :(

My sis Kell and her hubby Rich

My sis Jackie & her hubby Evan

Top Ten for 2012

10. Olivia's birthday was a piece of cake to make (he, he)

9. The kids got "Silly Straws" in their stocking for Christmas. They tried them out. They were hilarious.

8. Craig's grandmother turned 90 this month!!!
No joke, you would think this lovely woman is at LEAST 10 years younger. She still drives herself everywhere, she golfs weekly, has a fabulous sense of humor & she's as sharp as a tac!
I LOVE her dearly and I am so glad that we get to see her as much as we do.
Happy Birthday Gigi!!!

7. I hung some nice, new hooks in Sevrin's room for his jackets.
He decided he had better use for them...
His Aunts in Texas would be proud!
(A Gun Rack)

6. My birthday was also this month . Craig & I treated me to a new iphone.
Thank you Sarah & Craig :)

5. Olivia had a school assignment to make a collage of 100 things to celebrate the 100 days of school. She wanted to do 100 of her favorite things. It turned out SO cute.

Because they are so good there are two Sev quotes this month:

4. We were getting ready to get in the car and I was picking at my face in the mirror, Sev said "Mom! quit picking at your dimples! Let's go!"

3. In the car....
Olivia: "SOMEONE drew on Taylor's (her doll) face with pen"!!!!
Sevrin: Without missing a beat..."It's not pen, it's veins"

2. My parents flew in from Albuquerque, NM to surprise Olivia for her birthday.
Olivia was thrilled.
I LOVE my mom & dad. Thank you for taking the time to come out. We all loved every minute, it went by too fast.

1. My Livy Lu turned 7!!! How did 7 years go by already???!!!
Olivia is one of the loves of my life. I adore this girl. She is smart, witty, mature, silly, sweet, thoughtful, helpful, LOVE the conversations that we have, she makes Sevrin laugh like no other, everyone likes her and enjoys having her around, she is up for anything, anytime, I love one on one time that we spend together. Some of her favorite things to do are get pedicures, watch movies, pop popcorn, bake, cook dinner, write, read, go for walks/runs early Saturday mornings, spend time with family and friends. I really could go on and on. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love you and I am excited to watch you grow.

December Disappeared!

Yep December has come and gone....

The last time I remember December taking forever was when I was a little girl agonizing over the amount of days left until Santa arrived.
Will December ever be a month that drags on forever again?

Top ten for the fastest month in 2011:

10. Of course....Christmas!!! It was so much fun to watch everyone open presents. Especially the the gifts I gave everyone! :)

9. Spending time with my kiddos.
LOVE those two!

8. 2011 is over. Looking forward to a new year
7. I got to spend 7 days with my family. I loved every minute.

6. The kid's letters to Santa

Olivia typed hers

Sev wanted to write his out

"Would you like some cookies"?

5. Sev's quote:
In the car...
Sevrin: "Liv can you imagine sleeping naked?
Olivia: "No"
Sevrin: "I can."

4. The kids and I made homemade marshmallows. They were super delicious and fun to make.

3. While visiting New Mexico for Christmas, my dad and I were bragging that each of us made the best popcorn. My dad makes his with a Whirly Pop. I make mine with an air popper. So we decided to have a "pop off". We blind folded everyone and had them taste each kind of popcorn. The picture proves who the true pop star is. :(

2. A friend of ours took some family photos of us. She did a beautiful job and I got the pictures a few days after the shoot. Thanks Britney, we love how the pics turned out!

1. I was done with Christmas shopping on the 15th of December. This never happens so it was a big deal for me. :)