Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town....

Sev has learned the words to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

And it's just like Liv to steal the show.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twilight Weekend

Thanks to Becki and her killer organization skills, most of the Lumley women of the family got to sneak away for a girls weekend in San Francisco in honor of opening night of Twilight. To make it even better one of my closest friends, Lea flew in all the way from St Louis at the last minute for the occasion! There were 16 of us reserved for the movie and then Lea, Erin, Jan, Becki, & Angie stayed a night in the Marriott SF (thanks to Chris).

We had a fabulous time! The movie was great. I had so much fun listening to all the screaming teenage girls whenever Edward came on the screen. Lea and I shopped till we literally dropped. Ate great food & had great conversations. It could not have been better! Becki's sweet husband, Scott, was a life saver and watched Maya, Sev, & Liv so that I could go. (Craig had to work). THANK YOU SCOTT! All of us girls decided that we have to make sure we have a girls weekend every six months at the least! :)

Mandy, Shar, & Jeni.... we missed you!

My Favorite Baby Sis

My sister Jackie and her husband Evan came to visit us the first week in November.
We had so much fun! Uncle Evan taught the kids a funny game called "Burrito". The kids call it burrito, but I'm not sure if we designated a name for it when Evan was playing it. Anyway...Evan would lay a blanket on the floor and roll the kids up in the blanket the way you would roll up a burrito. They LOVED it. Now they are constantly asking me if we can play "Burrito". We rode the trolly in the city, went to Half Moon Bay, carved our pumpkins that we didn't get a chance to carve on Halloween, saw "The Rock", laughed, and ate a lot:) Thanks for coming out guys! We loved having you here!