Monday, December 5, 2011

November's Top Ten

10. Craig's sister Jenni got married!
We had so much fun hangin with the entire Lumley clan. All 16 grandkids were there and my kids had a blast with all of their cousins. Everyone worked so hard to make it a beautiful day and it showed!
We are SO happy for Jenni & Pale!

9. Two of my closest friends are preggers!!!
Lea & Jeni I can't wait to see your little peanuts!

8. Sev's quote of the month:
Sev: "Mom do love your kids very much?"
Me: "Yes of course!"
Sev: "Are we the most awesome kids in the world?"
Me: "Uh Yaaaah!"
Sev: "I knew it."

7. Olivia & Sevrin play make believe things all of the time and one day I was in the kitchen and I heard Liv ask Sev "Hey Sevrin, wanna play "Old Man"?", I asked them what "Old Man" was and they explained that Old Man is a game that they play where Sevrin pretends he is old and uses a golf club as a crutch or cane and Olivia helps him across the street.

6.Disney on Ice!
I have to admit I was dreading this performance and it ended up surprising me! It was really neat! Leave it to Disney to always outdo themselves.
I love it when "kids stuff" ends up being enjoyable!

5. Maya turns 5!
There are many things to LOVE about my cute little niece Maya. And it would be a long list, so here are the top 5 things I adore about her:

1. She will only wear skirts or leggings. NO JEANS ALLOWED
2. She loves to spend the night at my house :)
3. She is SUPER DUPER girly (loves to wear fluffy skirts, pretty dresses, fancy shoes), but she can be rough and tumble and enjoys playing super heroes, etc.
4. She wears cowgirl boots with fancy dresses and skirts.
5. She has the cutest, prettiest, curly hair.

4. We made a homemade pizza one night and it grew twice it's size in the oven! The kids called it the BLOB! And when we mention making pizza again, they say...No! Not the BLOB again!
Doesn't it look horrendous?

3. Sevrin got glasses! Doesn't he look so smart & handsome?

2. Jan (My mother in law) had a birthday too!
This photo is how I picture Jan...enjoying her backyard in her beautiful garden with all of her grand kids and her family.
Jan is extremely handy, thrifty, and resourceful. She has taught be so many things. She owns her own personal power tools, she re-upholsters furniture, sews, has a awesome garden, makes AMAZING candies, desserts, roasts, etc. BTW: Check out her website! :)

AND she is always ready and willing to help with anything and everything at any given moment. I am lucky to have her as my mother in law and I love her dearly.
(One of my favorite pics of Jan)

1. My Mom's Birthday
(Me & My Mom)

I wish I could have been with my mama not only to watch Breaking Dawn, but to celebrate her special day.
One of my favorite things about my mom is that she loves the fascinating things in life and she sees beauty in everything. She has a passion for nature and travelling and she has shown us so many wonders in the world.
Another thing that I LOVE about her...she is a fabulous grandma. I sit down to read the kids a story most nights before bed and the majority of our books have a sweet little message from my mom written in each them saying things like "to my sunshine girl, we love you, love grammie & grampa" or "For our Sevy, we love you more than words can say". Every time we open a book the kids see that special message just for them and we have read it before we can begin the story. My mom adores my kids hence I adore her for that.
I Love You Mom!
Happy Birthday!