Friday, September 16, 2011

August Rush

More trips...Nevada, New Mexico, & Utah

I usually don't like to post long entries but I have a lot to say for this month. Sorry bear with me!

10. August began with Laughlin, Nevada. My dad thought Nevada would be a good meeting place for all of my family and he had heard about cheap hotels, jet skiing on the Colorado river, and 112 degree weather. I think I have mentioned that I can spend anywhere with my family and I end up having a good time. It was SO hot, the hotel was about a 2 Star but we had a blast! Reminiscing about the shady hotel is and will always be fun. Everywhere we went was air conditioned. Jet skiing on the river was surprisingly one of the funnest things I have ever done! The river was clear, beautiful, and just cold enough. I thought all of our kids would last 1 hour in the heat and I think we ended up spending 8 hours on the river.

9. After Nevada my parents took Olivia & Sevrin home with them to New Mexico. My parents made sure that the kids did everything on their "list" that they made before they got there. The zoo, the movies, Dion's Pizza, shopping for school clothes & toys, and a special evening that my mom put together...she set up an over head projector in the back yard and the kids watched a movie outside in the grass, ate popcorn, and loved every minute of it! Thank you mom and dad!!!

August is a crazy birthday month for our family. The majority of my postings will be honoring the August birthday boys & girls...

8. Happy Birthday Craiger
Craig is the love of my life. Not only did he turn 32, but we also celebrated our 9th anniversary! I feel lucky to say that as the years go by, everything gets better and better. The more I know about him, the more I like him. Craig is a handsome devil. He is smart, helpful, supportive, funny, wise, good, kind, he genuinely wants to know how my day was everyday, and he loves me in spite of all of my crazy issues. Love you & looking forward to many more years to come.

7. The Ford Family Birthdays:

Happy Birthday Jamey!!! (my brother-in-law)
Jamey is my oldest sister Stacey's husband.
He knows computers inside and out. It is spooky how well he knows them. He is my solid source for any and every technological question. We share a few important common loves...My sister,Restaurant Impossible, dark chocolate, and I'm sure lots more that I am unaware of. He also rolls out the red carpet when we go for a visit. He is a fabulous host.

Happy Birthday Jackers!!! (my baby sis) Jackie is incredibly quick witted, she's brilliant on so many levels, she is hilarious, has the memory of an elephant, and she has a great way of looking at things. I adore this girl. If I say she can make me laugh like no other my other sisters would get mad at me, but really she is the one. Life would not be the same without her. I despise living far away from her. One day we are going to build a Ford Family compound or share a house together...ok Craig & Evan? xoxo

Happy Happy Birthday Kell Bell!!! (my little sister) Kell is my little sister but in many ways I feel that she is my older sister. Of course she looks younger and prettier, but she is wise beyond her years. She is stable and thorough. The girl can plan like no other and she is always 5 steps ahead of me. When Kell and I were young adults I moved to California and she stayed in New Mexico. The night before I left for California we slept together in her old room at my parents house. I couldn't sleep all night because I felt like I was being separated at birth! Kell is my other half (other than Craig) :) The day I moved, I left half of me in New Mexico. I wasn't worried that I would lose her, but life wasn't and isn't the same without her nearby. Anytime is a good time with my Kell Bell. I love you

6. The Lumley Birthdays:

Happy Birthday Ron!! (Craig's dad)
Ron and I share a love for red meat, Dr. Pepper, potatoes, chocolate chip cookies (his are better than mine) Jan (his wife), & Craig.
My father in law is a wonderful man. Most Sundays the Lumley family gets together for dinner. My mother in law's mother "Gigi" joins us and she lives in San Leandro. Which is about a 25 minute drive from Fremont. Every Sunday evening when Gigi is ready to go home, Ron will drive Gigi home and then ride Bart back to Fremont so that she does not
have to drive home in the dark alone. If we need anything (and usually it is often at the last minute, because we are last minute people) he will be there at the drop of a hat. Anything we need he is willing and there, no matter what. xoxo

Happy Birthday Mandy!!! (Craig's baby sister)
Mandy is beautiful, she has a very cool husband, she & her husband make really good looking babies, she is funny, spiritual, sassy, strong, fashionable, logical, and a well structured mother. One I can learn a thing or two from. :) She is from Texas and has strong Texas pride. She persuasively tells her whole family why Texas is a good place to move to. It works every time. After I see her I think "we should move to Texas". Love you Mandy

Happy Birthday Scott!!! (Craig's sister's husband)
Scott is super uncle. He jumps on the trampoline for hours, he plays hide and seek for longer than an hour, he is always thinking of fun things for the kids to do, he open up his swim school exclusively for the Lumley kids so that they can have the pool to themselves, he's funny and thoughtful and Becki could not have chosen a better half! Scott you are awesome. We love you and appreciate you!

5. Sev started Kindergarten & Liv is a 1st grader!
Quotes after the first day of school:
Sevrin: "How much longer do I have to do this"?
Olivia: Crying-"First grade is SO hard"

4. My favorite August drawing by Olivia...Liv is always saying how nice it would be if we could just spend some time without Sevrin. This picture was stapled to this note:

3. My favorite August quote by Sevrin
At Olive Garden..."Mom I want to go to the bathroom to check if I pooed by pants, cause I did a big toot and I think poo came out"

2. Spent SO much time with family this summer. It was SO nice. Only downfall to seeing everyone more often...just makes me want to see them more.

Although it is not a highlight, but a tribute to my grandmother Eva Ford. My grandma passed away this month. She literally survived by my grampa Dean who cared for her unconditionally until her final day of life. I know that heaven is a place that my grandma was looking forward to visiting, and I do not doubt one bit that she is there. The night I learned that she had passed away, I closed my eyes to go to sleep and I saw her dressed in white along side my grampa, (in white as well) they looked perfect and happy. My gramma was a rock of a woman. She never missed a day of church. She wore pink tennis shoes, she had 5 piercings on each ear, she as about 4 ft 10in and wore a size 4 shoe. Everyone cringed when my gramma would make tuna sandwiches but I LOVED her tuna sandwiches. She made them with sweet relish and they were great. She was always so happy to see us and so sad to see us leave. She raised a wonderful man that is my father. She lived medication free to the age of 91. I am a lucky & grateful descendant of my grandmother.