Monday, July 23, 2012

June Shmoon

No Habla Espanol
Craig has been called as the financial clerk in the stake Spanish branch. That means I'm a single lady in my ward. I have tried a few meetings in Spanish, no bueno. I cannot understand a word. Hopefully Craig will begin tutoring our family in Spanish so that we can attend one day. Craig loves it though and I think he is right at home there.

Sev's Quotes
1. Liv: "I'm hungry for lunch. I want a hamburger"
Sev: "Then just pick your nose and eat one"
Liv: "Not a booger SEVRIN, a burger"

2." Mom, dad's are NOT good at snuggling. Your skin is so soft and you hold me just right. Dad is horrible at snuggling" 

Jim Gaffigan
If you like comedians watch "Mr. Universe". 
I always enjoy a good laugh and my mouth hurt from smiling for an hour

It's a......BOY!!!
My baby sister is going to have a baby!
Come October I will be an aunt again.
Jackie possesses all of the qualities that a great mother should have....She is funny, disciplined,creative, organized, loving, genuine, and wise.
You are going to be a fantastic mother Jackers! Can't wait!

Bed Head
My little niece Ella always has amazing bed head. My sister often sends me photos similar to this one.
SO funny. Love that girl!

School is out
Our neighbor asked the kids how they liked being out of school and Sev said "all we do is sit around all day and watch TV". 
Well, they DO NOT sit around all day watching TV. They spent most of June playing until all hours with their friends outside, hanging out with their cousins, doing chores,swimming and eating otter pops by the dozens.  
The rockers

Doing dishes

At swimming lessons

Olivia's Lemonade Stand
Liv and some of her friends in the neighborhood set up a lemonade stand and diligently sold lemonade for hours. I tried to talk them into selling it for 25 cents but they insisted on selling it for $1. They made about $17.  Not a bad profit for very expensive lemonade. :)

A man in our ward was kind enough to set up a HUGE telescope in the church parking lot for people of all ages to come and see Venus when it was visible. We rushed the kids over to the church as the sun was starting to set and right as we got out of the car Venus began to disappear. Ugh!!!
BUT they did get to get a quick glimpse with these awesome glasses.