Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am a lousy blogger.
This post is for everyone who is giving me grief for not posting. (Jeni, Janis) :)
I will try my best to post a little more often!
Wow, a lot seems to happen when you don't keep up with things...
Sevrin turned 2! We celebrated in ABQ with my family. Sev seemed to have been in sort of a funky mood. He was a bit somber, I had expected him to be hyper and bouncing off the walls.
He did LOVE his cake. He had requested a "choo choo tain" cake and thanks to my artistic sis he got one! Thanks Kel! It looked great!
Thanks Mom & Dad for the fun stay and the great gifts for Sev.

When we got home from ABQ, the Lumley's had ANOTHER party for Sev! Thanks Lumley's for the fun, cake, & gifts!

Olivia had her first swimming lesson at her uncle Scott's pool "Happy Fish Swim School".
If you have not heard of Happy Fish, let me tell ya....the best place to turn your kid into a fish!
Olivia LOVES to swim.
I was excited to see the pics once I transfered them onto my computer. There were 4 pics of Liv picking her swimsuit out of her rear! Nice huh?

2 Peas In A Pod

I had a hard time when Sev was first born. I am I going to do this? Sev came a little sooner than expected and I was freaked.

Now I am thrilled that Olivia & Sevrin are 20 months apart! (Don't get me wrong, I have my days...)
They are two peas in a pod.
They play, laugh, & fight like crazy!
My favorite sound is listening to them cracking eachother up.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love my wierd kids

Kids do the funniest things!

Here are a few of my favorites....

Some self explanatory, some not so much.

Like father like daughter

Liv fell asleep in a pillowcase?

One of Liv's fabulous outfits!

Sevrin is infamous in our family for trying to make us laugh. It works

The pink heels are killing Craig.

The clown once again

This One's For Sev

I was looking in my files for some cute pics to post and discovered that 50% of my pictures of Sevrin are of him with chocolate on his face!
So this is dedicated to my little chocolate lover!