Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Year, New Post

We're baaaaack!
For one post and then I will post again in 2012 :)

I am going to copy my friend Lea because I loved her "Top Ten".
So here is our Top Ten for January 2011 so far.....

10. We got to spend a couple weeks with Craig's brother's kids: Colin, Casey, & Taylor!
9. Sev started Preschool and LOVES it!
8. Sev started Preschool and Sarah LOVES it!
7. Liv is learning how to read. She walked into her school library and said "Mom don't you love the smell?"
6. Sarah turned 33! Yikes!
5. Sarah's sister Kellie and her family surprised her for her 33rd birthday!
4. Craig got to go snowboarding! (thank you Scott!)
3. We now own a Kitchen Aid mixer...where have you been all my life!
2. Olivia turned 6! (LOVE the blue socks!)
1. Craig started Nursing School!!! (can you believe it?)