Saturday, August 16, 2008

Get ready for a long winded post.....

We are out of the loop in the Blog world!
I have to admit I have not posted anything in a while due to a few very good excuses:

1. The Twilight Series
2. Craig & I have started watching 24 for the first time. We are consumed. :)
3. We just moved back to California

Now that we are all settled in, I have 200 pages left of the Stephanie Meyer's series, and 24 is at a point where I can wait a night or two before I watch another episode, here is a recap of the last couple months....

July 5th we made the 18 hour drive from New Mexico to California. The kids were SO incredibly good. Their great behavior gave me some incentive to hopefully take more road trips in the near future.

Craig had to start school before we could move into our managing job, so Craig's sister Becki & her husband Scott, so generously let us crash at their house for a couple weeks before we could move into our place in Mountain View, CA.
Thank you Becki & Scott you guys are seriously the best!

This is our new little place. We scored with this managing spot. It's quiet, very little turnover, has 3 bedrooms, and the grounds are covered in beautiful redwood trees. Oh, and it has a killer pantry in the kitchen. My friend Jeni asked me if she can store her food storage in it. :) I have to post a picture of the pantry just because it's pretty impressive. Pictures don't do it justice and anyone who has seen it first hand can testify that it's awesome.

Next up...
August 9th, Craig celebrated his 29th birthday. We started the day off at our favorite breakfast spot in Los Altos, The Original Pancake House. Later that night we had a small get together with some close friends at Becki & Scott's. (again, thanks B&S!) It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

I got Craig an iTouch for his b-day and I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of the time he and the
iTouch are spending together. Needless to say, it was a good choice.

iTouch+ Craig = Love

Now that we are in somewhat of a routine....
Things are somewhat settled and the kids have already found a little park that they like down the street. Here are some cute pics of the kids and one of my sexy husband at the park.

And the finale~
Craig in training!
Sev on a Sunday morning in his underwear and black socks!
He wouldn't cooperate for a full frontal shot.

*Hopefully I will devote more time to the blog now that I am in mourning that Twilight is through.