Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Sev's quote of the month
While driving in the car:
"What if someone bit all of your hair off and you would have to wear a beautiful wig? Liv what color of wig would you have"?

Jennifer's Taqueria-If you have not tried it, DO! 
This photo is dedicated to our friends, the Alder's.
 I think they love this place as much as we do.

April brings lots of Rain in Northern California and I L.O.V. E the rain. 
I love the smell, the way the streets look, the clouds, the cool weather, but most of all seeing the kids in their rain boots, laughing and splashing.

Happy Birthday Becki!
My sister in law's birthday was this month. We celebrated by going to a shi shi poo poo dinner at Wente in Livermore. If you have not been there, go! It is devine. The company & food was perfect! 

Sev lost his FIRST tooth!

Happy Birthday Tommie!
My dearest friend Jeni gave birth to her 3rd baby on April 26th. Sweet baby girl Tommie Elizabeth. She is a doll. TONS of hair. I got to hold her for 2 hours! Loved every minute of it. SO glad there is another sweet little addition to the Nunn family.

My favorite photos taken in April

My adorable nephew Dexter

Liv's quote of the month:
"When I come home from school and take my shoes off, my feet smell like garbage"