Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Merry May!

A funny conversation between Olivia & Sevrin:
Sev: "Remember our old music teacher Mrs. Shorts"?
Liv: "Yes, she was mean and she didn't like kids"
Sev:"Ya, she was old and she left because she didn't like kids and she had a bad cold"

Every time my sister and I get a pedicure I look over at her and she has this face hiding behind a magazine-

Obviously she does not handle pain well ;)
It makes me laugh every time. I love it.

5-Year old charades
While my sister was visiting the kids wanted to play Charades.
Not only did it last 2 hours, we never were able to figure out what they were acting out because they kept adding themes to the scene and kept telling us "I am adding stuff because I don't want you to guess"!!!
Needless to say, we are going to hold off until they are 10 to play charades again.

Jaxon's Pool Rules 
My sister told me that her 6 year old son Jaxon recently started swimming lessons and the instructor was asking all the kids what the pool rules were. Jaxon raised his hand and said the following:

1. No scissors in the pool
2. No smoking in the pool

LOVE It! & Him!

Mother's Day
This past month was SO crazy for us. Craig was finishing up finals and I was slammed at work. Craig had to work on Mother's Day so my sister in law Becki cooked my favorite dinner for the family on Sunday.
Keep in mind she is a mother as well and the only conclusion I can come to as to why she cooked me dinner was because she is AWESOME.
Becki I owe you your favorite home cooked meal.
Thank you!!!

Liv got bangs!
That's right, it's official. I'm a mother. I cut the bangs too short.
Good thing hair grows back!

Little Red Riding Hood

Olivia was cast as Red in her school play "Little Red Riding Hood".
Up to the night before the play she was practicing every night in front of the mirror. She memorized all of her lines and did a fantastic job.

2 quotes this month because they are too good to let slide...

1.Sev: "Mom who do you like as a boyfriend"?
Me: Laughing..."Daddy"
Sev: "Just dad? No one else"?

Trying on leopard heels in the shoe section at Target...
"These shoes are off the hook"

Happy Birthday Stace!
Guess who's who.... I love this picture. Sorry Jackers, you weren't born yet
My big sis Stacey had a birthday this month. 
She is the best aunt ever. She sends the kids amazing packages and she truly enjoys reading about them, talking to them, and spending time with them.
Stace was such a fun older sister. She always took time out to play with us. She worried herself sick about us and she was pretty patient with us, especially when we were being major brats!
I miss her and wish we could see her more often.
I think we should go on a girls trip for the big 40 Stace! What do you think? 
I hope you had a wonderful day!

My kiddies

We had my niece Ella & my nephew Jaxon all to oursleves for a weekend this month. My sister and her husband went to Carmel and we got to keep them for a few days.
I loved every minute. They are such good kids. 
                                                               Thanks for letting them come to stay Kell Bell