Sunday, October 21, 2012

August Top Ten

10. Let's begin with a quote from Sev shall we?

Sev: Mom has your face always looked like this?
Me: Like what?
Sev: So pretty like this (putting his hands on my face) Have you looked like this even when you were little?
Me: Yes :)
Sev: Mom you will always look pretty, even when your hair is a disaster

 9. The big 10
That's right Craig and I have survived 10 years together in paradise  ;)
I feel lucky to be able to say in all honesty that each year gets better and better
Looking forward to many more years with this guy 

8. Malibu
We combined Craig's Birthday and our anniversary along with our brother in law Scott & my sister Kell's bday by celebrating a weekend away in Malibu, CA!
We got together and rented a beach house with friends/family and celebrated all weekend with delicious food, games, swimming, playing on the beach, and best of all...laughed our butts off  :)
With a total of 9 children, it was impossible for the kids NOT to have had a great time!

Where is Rich?
Dexter is ready for the beach

7. Birthdays, Birthdays
August is our craziest month for birthdays! 
Craig, my sisters, Kellie & Jackie, Craig's dad Ron, Craig's sister Mandy, & our brother in law's Scott, Pale, & Jamey ALL have August birthdays! 
I wanted to do a little spotlight for each bday but there are just too many, sorry  :)
SO, happy birthday August birthdays!!!

6. Meal Worm
One evening Olivia and I went out to dinner (just the two of us) and I learned that she and her class are growing meal worms. She was telling me that some have survived and some have not made it. Then she showed me what a meal worm looks like. Here is a picture of her interpreting a meal worm:

5. Slushies!
On Pinterest we saw that you can make slushies at home with a zip lock bag, some salt water, sugar, and Kool Aid. 
We put it to the test and it was successful!
The kids also created a new dance. The  "slushie dance". They put on gloves to shake the bag because it froze your hands. 

4. Chick Fil A
I have blogged about my love for Chick Fil A....well guess whaaat?
The first northern CA store just opened in San Jose. 
I am seen there A LOT :)

3. Liv's sweet little quote:

"Whenever I say a prayer, it comes true.
Jesus is nice"

2. Summer Fun
We had a great summer; trips to Utah, Malibu, & LA, visits from cousins, and lots of time to play with friends and family.

1. Back to School
Summer is over and the kids are back to school! 
I have to say that Summer did not fly by the way I thought it would. 
A fun time was had by all but I think Craig, the kids, and I are glad that the kids have something to do everyday. :)