Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February-I'm Still Here!!

Can you believe February is over?
Time goes by too quickly!

Top Ten For Feb:
(It has been a fantastic food month for me...I was able to eat and drink most of my favorite things)

10. Girl Scout Cookies!!! (Thin Mints)
9. Chick Fil A in LA. Northern California doesn't have any :(
8. Got a DP at Sonic on my way out to LA (they have the best fountain drinks)
7. My new kitchen aid (this will be on every top ten for the 2011 year, and maybe the years to come)
6. The Justin Bieber movie, "Never Say Never". I know, weird, but this movie was actually really entertaining! Liv wanted to see it so we had a girls night out. If you ever had a crush on a teen heart throb as a little girl go see this movie. SO cute!
5. I took a week's vacation to LA.
4. Got to see San Clemente. The beach is gorgeous there!
3. Shopped at Santee Alley in LA. I've never seen so much fabric in my life! My mother was floating on a polyfill cloud in fabric heaven!
2. I got to spend a week with most of my family! (Stace we missed you!) thanks to the birth of my niece Ella Rose.
1. It's a tie! On February 9th my nephew Dexter was born in Fremont, CA & my new little niece Ella was born in LA, California on THE SAME DAY! The best day in February!!