Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful for...

My husband who is willing to be Mr. Mom, who comforts me, who genuinely wants to listen to me (or at least makes me feel that way), who works hard, and shows love continuously to me and our children

My awesome kids. They make me laugh every day. Although there are days I want to be alone on a deserted island, I always look forward to coming back to them. They fill my life with so much joy. I love them more than they will ever know

My family (in laws included) :)

I could not have been more fortunate to be born into a unconditional loving, supportive family that like and love me in spite of all of my flaws. I am truly "home" when I am with them. I am 100% myself with them and there is not a feeling like it.

I could not have been more fortunate to have married into the family that I have. The Lumley family is willing to drop anything, anywhere to help out, they welcome anyone and everyone into their home, I LOVE being with all of them. Their home is another place I feel ultimate love and comfort.

Our friends...I often ask Craig "how did we get so lucky to know such amazing people"?The friends that we have both old and new fulfill our lives and make it happier, sillier, comfortable, and whole.

Our jobs...Craig works for a great hospital that has provided not only training, but decent income, and support while he goes to school. The company I manage for is fabulous. They are upbeat, positive, and supportive. Life is so much better when you enjoy your work!

Oh and my kitchen aid :)

Thank to everyone that make my life meaningful. I love you all

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Really? October is gone?

Once Halloween is over that's blink your eyes and it's 2 days before Christmas and you still have so much to get done before Christmas Eve. I need time to slow down for many reasons!

Top 10 For October

10. Becki is always up for something fun. At the last minute one Saturday morning I decided I wanted to take the kids to the city. I called up my sis in law Becki to see if she might want to come and her usual response was SURE! We rode the trolley to Ghiradelli Square where we shared a HUGE chocolate fudge sundae. After our treat we walked back to the trolley pick up, the line was so long, the kids were tired and cold, so we took a taxi back to our car. It was a fun adventure and we all had a great time.

9. Halloween!!!

8. Olivia joined Girl Scouts!

My "Daisy" Girl!

7.Michael buble has a new Christmas album. I. Love. Him.

6.Becki had heard of a "shark day" at a reserve near our house. The kids LOVED it. There were a few leopard sharks in a portable aquarium that the kids were able to touch. They got their faces painted, and we wandered along the bridges all over the water at the reserve. Such a fun way to spend the day.

5. My niece Ella is always dressed to the nines. Look at her in her fancy Halloween attire. SO CUTE!!!

4. Sevrin's quote: "Mom I want to eat really healthy. I like beans. They make me fart. But that's ok".

3. My office is on the same property as our apartment. I needed to run over to my office quickly and the kids wanted to stay inside. When I came back Liv left this note on the table. Not only is it cute, but I thought it was so grown up of her to let me know where they were. :)

2. My niece and nephew in their costumes. Don't they make a fantastic team? :)

1. Sev's drawing of a "temple" look like anything else?

Saturday, November 5, 2011 fall near yet?

Fall is my favorite time of year. I LOVE the cool, crisp weather, sweaters, hot chocolate, the leaves changing colors... If you are a mild weather lover, you need to move to California. It is the end of September and it is 80 degrees and there is not a cloud in the sky. This sounds lovely, but to me I want it to be fall already! Please come fall, I'm waiting for you.

Here is our family's top 10 events for September!

10. My Sever turned 5!!!

Sev wanted to celebrate with a bowling party.

It was really funny to watch the little guys bowl.
Bumper bowling helped but on occasion one of the adults was seen in the middle of thealley pushing a ball down the lane after it had made a dead stop in the center! :)
Sevrin is one of my favorite people to spend time with.
The list of things that I love about Sevrin is WAY too long but here are a few things I adore about him:
His sense of humor (it's smart, quick, and he appreciates quirky humor)He is such a happy kid. 90% of the time he is pleasant and easy going
Sev gives me the best greetings. When I pick him up from school he will spot me in a crowd and shout "MOM!"with tons of excitement and waive frantically while running to me and jumps into my arms. EVERYDAY he does this.
While we are eating dinner he will say "Mom/Dad this is a very good dinner, I love it, you did a really good job on it"
He adores Olivia. He is constantly telling her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her.
When Sev needs some one on one he will grab me by the hand and say "come and sit with me mom I want to spend time with you". (How can you resist that?)

I could go on and on...Everyday he makes my life happier. I can't get enough of him and we have enjoyed watching him grow.

9. Liv lost her front tooth!! She is the cutest hillbilly I have ever seen! :)

8. Craig's sister got engaged this month! SO exciting! We are happy for you both Jenni & Pale!

7. I am finally caught up on Mad Men. My life is quite boring since I have caught up. I cannot WAIT for season 5!

6. Liv wrote Craig an apology letter. This picture says enough :) LOVE her notes.

5. Sev's quotes

a)"Mom you are very sweet and very kind"

b)"Mom you are the best mom I have ever seen. You make me better and you always do better things for me"

4. My sister and her family were sealed in the San Diego temple this month. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have been a part of that special day. They literally looked heavenly dressed in white, especially with their two little angels. Those kids are the loves of my life and everyday I am thankful that they were sent to our family.

3. I STILL love my kitchen aid. Every time I use it it makes me happy.

2. I see hints of fall. Now I just need cool weather and leaves falling all over the place.

1. One more quote from Sevrin...

Liv & Sev were dancing in our front room to "California Girls" and sev went up behind Olivia and said "come here, I'm gonna give you a California wedgie".