Thursday, March 24, 2011


Lots of birthday's and fun this month!

Here is the TOP 10 for March

*(these are not in order of importance)

10. Lea's Birthday Lea lives in the middle of nowhere (IOWA) and her husband surprised her by flying her out to California so that she could enjoy places and people near civilization such as Target, TJ MAXX, Cheesecake Factory,& me :) We shopped until we literally dropped. Ate delicious food, talked, and got very little sleep. It was great fun! SO glad you came out Lea! We miss you!

9. Jeni Turns 30!!!

That's right people my Jens turned the big 3-0!!!

All of Jeni's friends rang in her 30th year surprising the bday girl in San Francisco. After dinner we surprised her again by taking her to the Broadway show Rock of Ages. The show and the company were fabulous! Such a fun night. The best part was seeing Jeni surprised. She is a tough girl to sneak one past! So glad Jeni and I are now officially in our 30's together! :)

8. My Kitchen Aid
I told you I would put it on every top ten this year. I LOVE this thing. Thanks Mom, Dad, Stace, Kell, & Jack (and spouses)!

7. Olivia's Drawings
Need I say more? Livy is always drawing. I wake up in the morning and she is on the floor with her huge pad of drawing paper sketching and coloring an idea in her mind. Daily I have a few pieces to choose from. It's hard to decide what to keep! I love them all!
6. My dad's birthday

What comes to mind when I think of my dad? My dad was and still is the hardest working man I know. He worked himself to the bone to ensure that our family had a roof over our heads, and food on the table. He made sure we saw a happy face when he walked in the door after a long, hard day of work. He always made time to play, listen, encourage, and spend time with us. Now that I have grown he's not only a wonderful father, but he is a fantastic grandfather to our children. My kids adore him almost as much as I do.
Sadly I could not be in New Mexico to celebrate with him. Happy Birthday dad!

5. DSW

I got this random act of kindness from DSW in the mail this month. This made my day, week, and month. And much longer because I got a awesome pair of wedges that I am going to love forever.

4. Liv's haircut!
She decided it was time to do some spring shearing

3. St Patrick's Day
The kids and I cooked green eggs and ham (bacon is ham right)? The toast is supposed to be a shamrock. The leprechaun turned our house upside down and Craig & I made sure we wore green so that Sev & Liv didn't pinch us to death!

2. Rain, rain, and more rain
March in northern California means lots of rain.
I loved everyday of it!

1. Rock of Ages

If you have not seen or heard of this musical, brace yourselves before you go see it. It was hilariously inappropriate. LOVED this play. I would pay to see it again. Sometimes musicals will have at least one dull scene, not this one! I was entertained from beginning to end. Go see it!