Saturday, December 8, 2012

October...Fall where are you?

October should mean cool weather and leaves falling but it is still hot and a leaf has not yet fallen!!!
Although Autumn has not arrived, 2 babies have!
Craig's sister Becki & my sister Jackie gave birth this month! I am an auntie to 2 new boys!!!

Lucas Scott Schroder  Born October 10, 2012  8 pounds 2 ounces


Finnegan Cory Ottesen  Born October 16, 2012   8 pounds 10 ounces

Liv's sweet quote:

I was out of town and when I returned the kids picked me up at the airport and Liv said,
"Mom, we only cried for you one night and then the rest of the nights we were ok.
But, I was thinking of all of these things in the front of my mind and you were always in the back".

Leopard Leaders
At Olivia & Sevrin's school they have a monthly value and the school recognizes kids from each grade that have been an example of these values each month on Monday mornings in front of the whole school .
Liv & Sev were both chosen as the leopard leaders this month!
Liv was the 2nd grader chosen for Respect & Sev was the chosen 1st grader for the same value.
So proud of these guys!!!

This one makes me SO proud ;)

My parent's back yard. Isn't it pretty?
 Looks so fallish!

Carving Pumpkins!

Pirate lady Livy, Sev the ninja, & Rapunzel (Maya)

The whole trick or treating clan!

Lucy the cat, William the mouse, & Tommy is cheese!

Liv & Sev

Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, & Pascal


The very angry caterpillar (Finn)

Sev's October Quotes  

Like I mentioned, this year October did not feel like fall. It reached 90 degrees one day this month. One of the hottest days of the year!
Anyway, I picked up Sev & Liv from school that day and asked them how school was and Sev said "I am like a turkey on Thanksgiving....cooked"

Sev's quote:
Sev was holding his new nephew Lucas and was caressing the baby's little feet..."oh my gosh, his skin is super soft! I wish I could have a blanket made out of his skin"

September: Sev is Six!

Our son is 6!!! Time goes by WAY too fast when you have children!!!
Sevrin continues to spice up our lives with his witty humor, he is sweet and complimentary.
I thoroughly enjoy having him around.
Sev's interests at 6 years of age are math, science, making people laugh, cooking, and playing legos.
I am excited to see what kind of young man he grows up to be, but I hope time slows down and he stays 6 for a while :)
Happy 6th Birthday Severoonie!!! We LOVE you!



Food Fiiiiight!!!
We usually celebrate the kids birthdays with a family dinner at Craig's mom and dad's house.
For Sev's family birthday dinner we thought we would surprise him with a food fight.
My brother in law Scott asked Sev to read a paper that he was holding that said "Food Fight", once Sev read the words, all of the adults would stand up and start throwing food.
The reaction was not what we had anticipated.
All of the kids started bawling their eyes out, screaming and running for cover.
Sev enjoyed it for about 1 minute and then said angrily, "I'm done! I'm done!"
Liv was the only one that got into it. All of the adults had a blast.
I think we need to wait about 4 years for that one to happen again.

Maya & Lucy hiding from the madness!

Jackie's Baby Shower
My sisters and I flew home to Albuquerque, NM (my home town) to throw my sister Jackie a baby shower. We had a blast. My sisters and my mom can do some serious magic.
They had a great vision for the party and it looked beautiful!
We can't wait to meet baby Ottesen!!!

My sisters and I in my dad's truck with no air conditioning
Future parents 

Mom & Dad's Visit
My parents so kindly try their best to come for a visit when the kids have a birthday.
They made it this month to celebrate Sev's 6th birthday!
We had so much fun.
We made it to the Oakland zoo. If you have not paid a visit to this zoo you should! It is a gorgeous park.
Sev's zoo quote:  Sev & my dad raced to a bench to sit down and Sev says to my dad "So you're not much of a runner are you"?
We ventured to the city and rode the trolley to Ghiradelli square.
And saw a very cool performance of Batman Live at HP Pavillion.
Thanks for coming Mon & Dad! xoxo