Saturday, June 8, 2013



1. Liv's baptism
First of all I can't believe my baby girl is 8!!! In some ways she is 8 going on 16. I'm starting to panic about the teen years. I think the young years are challenging but manageable. I think the teen years will end up breaking me. 
The baptism was great. I asked Liv how she felt immediately after she came out of the water, with a huge grin she said "COLD". 
Thank you to everyone who attended! And those who came in from out of town to be here. She really felt special. It was a special day.

2. Sev's final day of basketball...I asked him if he wanted to play again, he said "No I think I want to try fencing". What??? 

3. Sev's dinner recommendation ( for the record, he spells better now)

I'll translate: "Mom, why can't we have anything instead of chicken noodle soup" 

4. In FEBRUARY!!! Sev jumped in our freezing cold swimming pool. 
I am pretty sure a monetary bribe was involved.
And his uncle Scott was involved also

5. Liv's good luck note for Craig
Craig was stressed about a test and Liv brought this into him the night before.

6. Sev's quote of the month: 
"Mom!!!  I want a brother! I'm getting tired of Liv!!!"

7. My niece, Ella and my nephew Dexter that have THE SAME BIRTHDAY both turned 2 this month!!!
Look at these cuties!!!


I love them to pieces.
Happy Birthday you little rascals!!!

8. Deep thought by Olivia 
We had sent Olivia to bed. I went in to give her a kiss, she looked deep in thought and said
"Mom wouldn't it funny if a pancake caught on fire"?
Yes Olivia, it would :)