Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Top 10 for December

1. Craig GRADUATED from Nursing School!!!
Woooo Whooo!
Craig has worked his A_ _ off for our family and we could not be more proud.
The day after he graduated he mentioned going to grad school!!!
One thing at a time babe, one thing at a time
Craig thank you for all of your long hours, hard work, studying, and managing to take care of the family in the midst of it all.
 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you Craiger

Celebrating at Fentons
Graduation Night

2. Gratitude
All of Craig's brothers and sisters came into town to surprise him for his Graduation.
It was great to see everyone
 Craig & I are SO grateful and thank you for taking the time and effort to come out
AND Thank you to all of our family & friends that we love so dearly. 
You have supported us and been there when we have needed you for anything & everything
We love you!!!

3.  Hangin with family & friends
Making Gingerbread Houses with Maya

This was an isle Mandy discovered in Toys R Us while all of us girls were Christmas shopping!
Can you believe it??? 

Packed in the van to drive through Vasona to look at the lights with the Nunn's

Jenni & Max 

Having breakfast at the Pancake House with cousin Max

4. Watching the kids open their gifts on Christmas
(I don't think we will ever get tired of this)

5. Lucy
The kids' semi-cousin Lucy was FABULOUS in her ballet company performance of The Nutcracker
It was so much fun to see her up on stage with her cute little bun and tutu
Great job Luc!!!

6. Funny Quotes
SO my 2 faves for this month were from my niece Maya and of course Sev.

#1 While eating chicken nuggets at Chick Fil A...
Maya: looking sadly at her nuggets "Chicken nuggets, I can't eat all of you"

#2 While driving in the car....
Sev: "Sevrin needs to make a lump of coal" 
Me: Trying not to laugh..."what do you mean by that?"
Sev: "Mom, you know, go poop!"
"I also have another good one...Sevrin needs to drop his kids off at the pool"
Where does he learn this stuff???

7. The Nutcracker
SO a little back story...

Olivia and I were booked for the San Jose Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker. 
The night of the performance Sev said he really wanted to go. I pulled some strings and got him an extra ticket. 
We all sit down for the performance and we wait about 5 minutes and Sev whispers to me, "mom, when is this going to start? this is taking forever!" Then the curtain goes up and the dancing begins. 
5 minutes later Sev half whispers/half yells "there is no talking in this???" I said "no, just dancing". He starts to cry and puts his hands on his face and says "what did I get myself into???!!!"

Not the most enjoyable time, but now I know Sev does not like the ballet.

8. Christmas Jammies!!!
My mom made Christmas pajama pants for all of her grand kids
Thanks mom!!! xoxo

9. My snazzy nephews 
In their Christmas clothes. I cannot get enough of these boys. 

Dexter the Elf
Lucas all dressed up

10. The annual door bell ditchers
Every Christmas spent with the Lumley's includes door bell ditching with treats for the neighbors. 
The kids LOVE this. 
Luckily Craig's brother Todd was in town with his family and we had double the kids to pack in the car and double the fun watching them race from each door back to the car hoping to not get caught. 

Gramma Jan was the driver for the getaway car ...nice jammies Gramma! ;)


November was a quiet month.
I think it was the calm before the storm. (December) 
We spent Thanksgiving in LA with my family, minus my oldest sis Stace :(   
and as always it was a great time.
The Top 10 for November is centered around our time in LA mainly because I didn't document much this month! 

10. Spending time with my sisters, their husbands, the kiddos, and of course my mom & dad. 
Always a awesome time with the fam. xoxo

9. Turkey day was low key and relaxing.

8. Thanksgiving night aka BLACK FRIDAY (I'm still wondering why it was scheduled early, it takes away all of the fun of "FRIDAY") After standing in line for an HOUR & A HALF at Target we all scored some good deals and felt it was semi worth the wait.

7. Standing in a 2 mile long line at Target-LOVED gabbing with my sisters, my mom, and my brother in law Evan (yes he went and he was a blast to shop with) Evan, you're the best

6. Taking the kids to Newport beach and watching them SWIM in that freezing cold water!!!



My crazy nephew Jax SWIMMING!!!!

5. Spending lots of quality time with my newest nephew Finn!!!
Isn't he the cutest???

4. Eating delicious food

3. Walking along the water at Balboa pretty


2. Having my husband all to myself during the Thanksgiving break
(Nursing School has had him for a few years)
Craig was able to sneak away from school for Turkey Day
Sexy Man
1. Olivia & Sevrin's postcards to their friends