Sunday, July 10, 2011

July...Lots of Visits, Lots of Trips

July seems like it was 6 months ago.
I have a hard time remembering what events occurred!
Here are the top ten that I can remember.

10. My sister Kell came for a visit. At the time we were in a teeny tiny 2 bedroom apartment. 7 of us in that little place was an adventure. But spending time with my sister and her kids is always a blast. We could be in an out house for days and it would still be fun.
9. Lots of Lumley cousins from lots of Lumley siblings came for a visit throughout the months of June-July. Unfortunately/fortunately I only got pictures of Craig's oldest brother's visit. It was nice to see Chris & Shar and spend some one on one with their family. That doesn't get to happen very often!
8. Lumley Family Reunion-Roseburg Oregon
21 Grand kids + 23 Adults+ Beautiful, spacious piece of land=SO much fun!
When we arrived at Craig's Aunt Loreen & Uncle Evan's place (acres & acres of gorgeous Oregon land) I kept tabs on Sev & Liv for about 20 minutes...3 days later I told them to get in the car to head home. They could literally run free 24-7 and I did not worry about them once. Oregon is gorgeous and aunt Loreen's house is a little piece of heaven!
Thank you Loreen & Evan for sharing your home with us!!! We had a fabulous time!

7. Liv's quote: "Bless my mom's aunt that she will get better and come back to life because she's dead"

6. My sister Jackie & her husband Evan are always living life light and fun. Here is a taste of how they do it. LOVE those two. Every time I look at this picture it makes me laugh. Get to California already!!!

5. Sev's drawing for Olivia
If you can't make out the perfect resemblance of Olivia...the person drawn in the middle is Liv.
(No Olivia's)

4. I can't post in July and not mention 4th of July!!! This is a picture of Liv & her adorable friend Zoey. I love this girl! She is a perfect balance for Olivia and I adore her family, the Alder's.
Craig's sister Becki & her hubby Scott let us crash their 4th of July party. It is always a good time with the Schroders. Craig had to work. :( We missed you babe.
3. Craig's mom and dad celebrated their 40th anniversary!
I am extremely fortunate to have Ron & Jan and all of their children/grandchildren in my life. All of them are dear to me and knowing them makes me a better person. Thanks for all that you have done for us and continue to do. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
2. Olivia & Sevrin get crafty and always surprise me with what they come up with.
They came out giggling saying "look mom, we traded places"!
1. Sev's drawing of Batman