Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Magic Eraser is Magic!

For those of you who are clean freaks like myself, and you have not yet discovered one of the greatest cleaning creations, try Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser! Thanks to my friend Lea for introducing me to this awesome little brick of magic.... my cleaning spree's have never been the same!
This thing is amazing! It takes scuffs off of floor boards, marker off of walls, permanent marker off of floors, dirt and grime off of walls, and even removed a ring around the toilet! The list goes on and on of what it can do. Anything that I think it will not work on, the eraser proves me wrong!
When activated by water, the little, white, fluffy brick releases it's tiny, microscopic Goodness and banishes any sign of goo, dirt, film etc.
If you have kids you have to have one or two on hand at all times. It's a lifesaver!

Sneaky Sev

I have sent this out to a lot of you already. I think it is pretty funny, so I wanted to share with those of you who have not seen it!

I had just made a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls and noticed that things were unusually quiet. When it's quiet with kids, you know something is up. So this is where I found Sev.

I LOVE that kid!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Quirky Kids

I was thinking about how kids are so quirky!
They have all these funny things that are very unusual & specific to them and only them.
For example:

Olivia does not like to sleep on her bed. She likes sleeping on the floor. So for every nap and every night she sleeps on the floor!

Sevrin will be upset in the car and if I put even a finger anywhere on his body he stops fussing. Sometimes I can only reach enough to put my hand around his ankle and he is quiet and usually falls asleep.

I know we all have our own little quirks, but I love to hear about kid's and their own little idiosyncrasies.
What peculiar things do your kids do?