Sunday, April 29, 2012


1. Saturday Morning Walks
Olivia loves to go on walks early Saturday mornings. 
She loves to have one on one without Sevrin. 
Every time we are on our walk she says "I am SO glad Sevrin isn't here"
On one of our walks it started pouring rain on us and we saw this beautiful rainbow! 
And of course Liv looked super cute in her hoodie! :)

2.  Sev's quote of the month:
Me: (semi joking) "Sev where did my sweet, well behaved son go"?
Sev: Pause...pursing his lips, throwing his hands up in the air..".he went to Hawaii, he'll come home tomorrow".

3. Honest Abe
Clearly Olivia was learning about Abraham Lincoln this month. 
Here is a depiction of what she learned.
LOVE it!

4. Freckles
Sevrin wanted me to count the freckles on his nose. He has 44 and counting

5. Bacon
I was making a salad and I asked Liv to add bacon bits to the salad. She took a nibble of one and said "Mom, I LOVE bacon! Will you pleeeaaase put these in my lunch for a snack???" 
That's my girl :)

5. DAD
My dad had a birthday this month.
I have mentioned many times that my dad is an amazing grandpa. He has SO much patience with the kids especially with Sevrin! During his last visit to California, he made all sorts of stuff out of paper (Sev's request) for HOURS. He and Olivia have a tradition where they sneak away early in the morning and go on a doughnut run for everyone. He loves to say silly things to make them laugh. They love his stories. 
My kids LOVE their grandpa.
AND I LOVE my dad. Coming full circle, he was always very patient with me, his favorite thing to do was make my sister's and I laugh, (to this day we use some of his funny sayings among each other) and I too went on several early doughnut runs with him as a young girl.
My dad was a great dad and the legacy continues with my kids.
Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you

6. Jeni's Birthday
My dear friend Jeni turned another year older this month. She continues to look fabulous after 2 kids and one on the way very soon!
 I have known Jeni for 13 years!!! (And counting) :)
Jeni has taught me to be outspoken, especially about getting things for a lower price or for free, 
she has shown me ways to be a better mother (she is a fantastic mother), she has strengthened me, and has helped me see the world (literally). She and I have traveled all over together and we continue to plan our next adventures whenever we get the chance to sneak away.
Happy Birthday!!!
7. Daddy/Daughter Dance
Girl Scouts hosted a Father/Daughter dance and Craig took Olivia. Craig said it was kind of awkward watching a bunch of old guys cut up the rug with a bunch of little girls, but both of them had a delightful time. When Liv came home from the dance she said "Mom! THAT was SO fun!!!!"

8. I'm a puddle
Nothing melts my heart more than seeing this scene in my living room. LOVE these guys!

9.Disneyland Adventure
What do you get when you take 4 kids, 1 pregnant lady of 8 months, and Sarah to Disneyland?
2 VERY tired moms. Although it was short it was sweet. 

10. Liv's list 
Olivia loves to make lists.
She now has her own email address and Google page. 
On her main page she had this list typed up. I thought it was cute