Sunday, September 23, 2012

July Flew By!

My kids keep growing, time is flying, and summer is almost over.
Before we know it Halloween will be here and then it will be Christmas!!!
Here is July's top 10

"The Plate"
The kids wanted to make Craig and I breakfast one morning. They created a restaurant called "The Plate" which I thought sounded like a restaurant I would try out :)
They created menus and set everything up on our back patio. Although Craig ended up being the chef, it was a great breakfast. 

Jaxon's bday!
My nephew turned 7 this month!!!
Here are my favorite things about Jaxon...
He makes the best machine gun noises ever!
He's an awesome big brother
I absolutely love his freckles
AND just a right to brag...Jax received the rotary award which only 1 first grader in his whole school receives!!! SO proud of him

We celebrated July 4th with my sister and her family in LA.
We attended the Corona town parade and we got lucky enough to watch fire works from my sister's front yard.
It was a perfect day!

Casey & Taylor's visit
Our nieces, Casey & Taylor came for a visit from Utah.
I LOVE these girls!
They are extremely well behaved, awesome eaters, and so much fun to be around!
I am SO glad that they were able to come and stay with us. Next time send Colin (their brother) too! :)

Road Trip to Utah!
After dropping Casey & Taylor back home in Utah we spent a few days with my side of the family,
 The Fords!
Every year a family reunion is organized somewhere in the beautiful Utah mountains.
 Hundreds of Fords set up camp for a few days and enjoy games, food, and family.
It was fun to see the whole Ford clan!

40 Years!!!
My mom and dad celebrated 40 years of marriage this year!
Since we were all getting together for the reunion in Utah my sisters and I decided to surprise my mom & dad with a celebration at the Lion House in downtown Salt Lake.
The dinner was a success.
Here's to 40 years and many more! Love you both

Welcome Max!
I forgot a VERY important event that happened in June!!!
Craig's sister Jenni & her hubby Pale welcomed sweet little Max on June 14th.
 I cannot believe that I forgot that Jenni!!!
He is a beautiful baby boy.
The Lumley grandparents are happy to have some boys in the mix
10 girls and thanks to Max now7 boys :)

Liv's Quote
Me: " Daddy is being quite mouthy isn't he"?
Olivia: (very sweetly) "Mom, daddy is just trying to get his words out"

Sev's Quote:
"Mom I like you looking real nice. I like your face without all those zits

Lumley family July Birthdays....

Our cute niece Ashley turned 14! (right Ash?), Tanner (Ashley's youngest brother) turned 3,
and Craig's sister Jenni celebrated her birthday after giving birth about 20 days prior!
Happy Birthday!!! xoxo