Monday, September 23, 2013

March Madness

1. Dad's bday
I love celebrating my parent's birthdays. Mostly so that I can get pictures like this. I love seeing all of the grandkids surrounding my parents and watching them blow out the candles with them.
As Sev is saying these was "Epic"

2.Easter in LA
We spent Easter in LA. 
Craig & I got the stomach flu so most of it is a blur.
The kids went to the Dodgers game, we did an egg hunt in the backyard at my sister's house, took family pictures, celebrated my dad's birthday & watched my dad drive a race car in Fontana! Fun filled weekend!

3. Dad's Race Car Ride
For those of you who do not know my dad, he is a race car fan. Mostly indy cars but he'll watch a NASCAR race if it's on :)
For Christmas my mom got my dad a ride in an actual race car in Fontana, CA.
My whole fam went down south to see my dad race. SOOOOO cool.
My dad said it was a life highlight and he wants to do it again.
Best gift ever, Mom!
My handsome dad
Getting ready to drive 145 MPH

After the ride

4. Muir Woods
If you live in California, or don't and are visiting GO TO MUIR WOODS.
SUCH a beautiful place! I would recommend going on a week day vs. a weekend. The parking was the only dreadful thing about the experience.

5. My bday dinner in the city with Craig, Becki & Scott
For my birthday, my sister in law Becki thought of a great idea to go have dinner at our favorite spot "The Cliff House" and then go see our cousin, Jeremy's band play in Oakland. Well, by the time we finished dinner the house was PACKED to see Jeremy so we couldn't get in. BUT we took this photo as proof to Jeremy that we did try to get in :)
Fun times.

6. Sev's Quote
Sev: "Mom don't you dare grow up, drink beer and get a ticket"!
Don't know where he comes up with this stuff!

7. St Patty's Day Cake
Do you ever have a vision of how you think a cake, or a project will turn out and it completely flops?
THIS cake was one of those.

8. My best bud Jeni had a birthday. 
We have known each other for 15 YEARS
Happy Birthday Jenz!!!

9. Liv's quote of the month: 
"If you go to church you don't drink beer"

10. Finster
My nephew Finn is so sweet and photogenic that I thought I would post a picture of him. 
I have to. He's so cute!
This little guy always has a smile on his face in every picture that is sent to me!

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