Wednesday, September 25, 2013

April, May, June

As you can see I am waaaay behind.
I am just going to catch up the easy way and post 3 months worth of photos to cover the spring happenings

April, May, & June
A few highlights to mention...
Craig got a real life nursing job at San Jose Regional Medical Center. Although the night shift is kicking his butt, he is LOVING his new job.

Sev's May Quote:
Sev was in the bathroom on the toilet and Liv walked in...
Sev said "get outta here, I'm doin my business!"

Sev's June Quote:
 I was doing my hair in the bathroom and Sev walks in asking
"Well where are you going fancy pants?"

Liv's June Quote:
Me: "Liv when you were little you used to eat chapstick...wierdo
Liv: "Hey! Don't call my little self weird"

Celebrating Lucy's Birthday!

I told the kids to look like they were working all day in the field at Ardenwood.
Huh? Not a picture of hard labor :)

NEVER a dull moment with these three!

Out to dinner celebrating Craig's new nursing job! 
Cousins at Ardenwood farm
Last day of school! Wooo Whooo!

School's Out. Yesssss

Bowling on the last day of school!

First day of summer

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